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INDELSPEEN was a band which toured in the Lyon region during the eighties. Formed by Nicolas Mourachko (guitars) and Pascal Indelicato (piano & keyboards), it featured Antoine Van Limburg (drums), Pierre Moissonnier (bass & vocals).

Indelspleen is dead now. But the two founders are still alive and kicking: with Thierry Sportouche (Anoxie's lyricist), they formed SILVER LINING in 1998.

Pascal Indelicato, the main composer, is specialised in symphonic orchestration: he wrote several works among which "Résurgence" which blends synths with classical music. He thus played several tracks for a symphonic orchestra live. He is a sound engineer and has a recording studio ("Music Labo").

The band also features Michel Mourachko (bass), Annie Morel (violin) and Alain Descombe (drums).

2002: the band plays as guest at the Ange concert in Vesoul (700 persons), in Lyon with Cortiane and with Exsimio (an outfit from Chile). They record a limited edition EP (4 songs) for that occasion.

In March 2003, Alain Descombe (drums) leaves the band.

In April 2004, Musea releases "The Inner Dragon", Silver Lining's début album recorded in Pascal’s studio. It's a concept album with fantasy lyrics and strong symphonic touches.

Abundantly saluted by the professional press in France (CrossRoads, Rock Hard) and the progressive one (Big Bang, Harmonie, Prog Résiste) but also the press abroad (Exposé, Colossus, Paperlate, Background, Progressive Newsletter, iO Pages, Mellotron…), "The Inner Dragon" gathers a deserved success: its symphonic progressive rock, led by Annie Morel's lyrical violin, is in all points majestic.


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In September 2005, David Pelade (drums) rejoins Silver Lining. The band plays as guest at the Ange concert in Lyon.

March 2006: Acid Dragon magazine releases "Lyon Hearted", the DVD of this concert. Now available at CD Baby.

October 2006: Silver Lining plays at the Montreux Prog Nights with Dawn, Nemo, Arf.

November 2006: Silver Lining plays as main band at the 10th edition of the Dutch festival Progfarm with Yesterdays, Flamborough Head, Also Eden, Splinter, Ghiribizzi.


December 2007:  The band plays for the Téléthon in Roanne near St Etienne.


May 2008: Michel Mourachko (bass) leaves the band. Silver Lining plays at the Tiana Prog festival (Barcelona) with The Knife, Dicifil Equlibrio, CAP, Galahad and XIIth Night.


October : Guy Delhorme (bass) joins Silver Lining. The band plays as guest of the Pendragon concert (30th anniversary tour) in Lyon in front of 450  persons.


November 2010: Bertrand Moulin (drums) joins the band. On January, 29th, 2011, in Lyon, they present a new show based upon "The Inner Dragon",a musical fantasy tale in the way of Tolkien’s.


April 2011: Thierry & Nicolas play live with Andy Sears (Twelfth Night) on 'Love Song', in Lyon.

November 2011: Silver Lining celebrates Ennéade's second album live in Solaize near Lyon.


September 2012: Silver Lining Acoustic Trio in concert at the ProgYes festival near York (UK)! Read the article here.

June 2013: Sad news, Annie passes away.  We are orphans!

December 2013: Thierry joins Tim Hunter for a gig of  several London pubs featuring songs from both repertoires under the name of Silver Hunter.

Meanwhile, Nicolas and Michel Mourachko created  with Yvan Rosique Jam Tempus.

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About "The Inner Dragon":

"The instrumental component, the compositions, arrangements and playing (and regular singing as well) are genuily superb, a solid progressive rock style with that unique French flavor" (Peter Thelen - Exposé)

"A very interesting work, very well built and balanced between classic and prog atmospheres" (Colossus)

"Every cloud has its silver lining and every great prog band releases its debut album. (...) Silver Lining has created a very great debut album with only strong tracks. People who enjoy the mentioned bands [Marillion, Pendragon, Pallas, Kansas, Curved Air, Camel] will certainly enjoy "The Inner Dragon"" (Henri Strik - Background)

"It’s a fabulous album that should be in anyone’s Symphonic Rock collection" (Tim Hunter - ProgYes)

"This is definitely the most original, and also the most diverse and interesting Neo Progressive-related album that I've heard in the new millennium" (Vitaly Menshikov - Acid Dragon)

"Musically there is a great deal going on, with bands such as Pallas and IQ being obvious influences, as well as Camel and Arena... Although there are musical references, this is quite different to any other albums around" (Kev Rowland - Feedback)

"In a nutshell, RECOMMENDED!" (Dan Yaron - Prog Archives)

"This is some of the finest symphonic prog you will hear anywhere, with massive swaths of melancholia, melodic hooks that immediately grab your senses and a resounding violin that adds so many emotions to the mix. “Castaways”,” The Morning Dew”, “The Inner Dragon”, “Lovestalgia” all the main tracks offer up some fresh excursions on a fairy tale-like ride that evokes the child in all of us" (Thomas Szirmay - Prog Archives)
"So, a highly recommended album with captivating moments that makes a real enjoyable album from start to finish. The inner dragon makes proud the prog rock genre and must be praised as much as possible because it deserves it" (B. Olariu - Prog Archives)
"A stunning concept album by Lyon’s Silver Lining. Annie Morel’s accomplished violin playing is a distinctive feature of the music but all band members play their parts in some top class ‘orchestral’ prog with occasional crunching guitar chords to keep even metal heads interested! The rhythm section is also very accomplished and all comes together exquisitely on “Opaline”" (Phil Jackson - Prog Ears)

"At the end of the disc, the feeling of having heard something exceptional, reminds the same feelings I had had when listening to Ange’s “Au delà du délire” and Yes' “Relayer” and more recently IQ's “Subterannea” and Arena's “The Visitor”. In conclusion, this is a gorgeous, a brilliant disc. Among such records we would like to hear more often, showing great influences (is it necessary to quote some?): Hawkwind (for the violin solos and the texts recited (when Mr. Moorcock collaborated to the band)), Camel (for the guitar). But all that is quite difficult to analyse since the band found their own sound, according Christian Décamps' (Ange) own words. Astonishing for a first disc, even if it's not the members' first attempt" (Jean-Louis De La Cruz - Gibraltar)

"“The Inner Dragon” of French band Silver Lining is a remarkable debut album. Silver Lining is making beautiful melodic symphonic rock. The violin makes their music even more diverse. One of the big surprises of 2006. If you like soaring guitar and violin solo's in your prog you won't be disappointed by this wonderful album" (Douwe Fledderus - Progvisions)

About "Lyon Hearted":

"Your "Lyon Hearted" DVD is really beautiful :-) Great show and very nicely recorded! Nice scenery and of course...wonderful music!" (Angela Schipplick - Prog Live)


About Silver Lining's concerts:

"The last band of this evening was Silver Lining from France. Their lead singer used magical masks on the stage, he and his presence reminded me of Peter Gabriel, and he was a narrator and singer, two in one... The music was "cooked" with well known progressive spices. Silver Lining's big-big priority was (...) their violin player lady, she was indescribably beautiful and she used her instrument in a very professional way! Alongside with the previous four prog-ladies (3 from Yesterdays), she turned the ProgFarm into a garden of fairies!" (István Matusa - Rockszerviz Hungary)

"Pascal Indelicato’s outstanding and professional touch and Annie’s marvellous work on the violin, but also the guitar player, the bass player and the drummer showed a first class quality. Singer/narrator Thierry Sportouche linked the various tracks skilfully using various attributes among which some masks (and) white make-up" (Leo Hoeksta - iO Pages)

"Silver Lining tuvieron una actuación musicalmente brillante; viene a ser como si su líder y narrador Thierry haya creado una obra que básicamente es un resumen en la forma y en el fondo de todas aquellas cosas que gustan a los fans del prog clásico; los solos, el concepto... en conjunto una obra de teatro-rock a la francesa que salvando las -muchas- distancias podía en momentos recordar a Ange" (J J Delmas - Coses Nostres)

"A blistering set of searing symphonic rock, scaling the heights of epic Prog proportions which was all the more remarkable. (...) There were of course surreal moments from enigmatic front man and master of ceremonies Thierry Sportouche with a performance that upheld the very best in Prog theatrical traditions." Andy Grinter (Classic Rock Society)

















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