New Album out!


Silver Hunter’s album is out! It has been recorded at Smokehouse Studios, Wapping, London, Music Labo (Pascal Indelicato’s studios in Lyon) and Tim’s Northern Soundscapes studios in Yorkshire. It includes a lot of new material including the first 4 tracks EP.


“The four songs of the EP cover different styles, but all of them show a well-balanced combination of organic-electronic elements, distributed on melodic and accessible arrangements that do not surrender to cheap commercialism. The resulting music is reminiscent of 70’s to 80’s Pop-Rock, sometimes with the sophistication and coolness of the Techno-pop and Synth-pop stylistics; other times exposing a Progressive vein, with influences of “Genesis”, “Ange”, “Mike Oldfield”, “Jean Michel Jarre”, “Steely Dan”, “Marillion” (with “Fish”), and “Peter Gabriel”. (Comments by Marcelo Trotta in Progressive Rock and Progressive Metal – Brazil)