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Acid Attack Music
Amplify-Music (Germany)
Antithetik (France)

Arlequins (Italy)

Atropos (Spain)
Aural Moon (USA)
Background (NL)
Big Bang (France)
Chapel Of Ghouls (radio show dedicated to Dark, Gothic, Death... France)

Colossus (Finland)
Deep Art (radio show USA)

Divineo (radio show France)
DME (Israel)
DURP - Tales from the progressive ocean (Germany)
Eclectic Earwig Reviews (USA)
Eurock (USA)
Exposé (USA)
Gagliarchives (USA)

Harmonie (France)

Hairless Heart Herald (UK)

iChannel (USA)

IO Pages (The Netherlands)

Koid9 (France)
Mark from Holland (radio show in the Netherlands)

Margen magazine (Spain)
More Than Music (Sweden)

Movimentiprog (Italy)
New Horizons (UK)
Nucleus (Argentina)

Paperlate (Italy)

Prognaut (USA)
Progpower Norway)

Prog Résiste (Belgium)

Progressive Newsletter (Germany)
Progressive Pages (Germany)

ProgVisions (The Netherlands)
Progression (USA)

Rock Interview (USA)

Searchmusicnetwork (USA)

Silhobit (UK)
Subterranea (Chile)
Supper's ready (Germany)
Through Different Eyes (Sweden)
Traverses (France)
Valedictory (France)

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